Board Meeting Proxy

Proxy letters / electronic notices from the Executive Director or Board Chair of the agency must be received at the TACAA office five (5) business days prior to the start of a board meeting. The proxy must be an employee of the corporate member agency and a paid individual member of TACAA. The individual appointed may be: (1) the chief financial officer or equivalent, (2) the human resource director or equivalent, or (3) a program director or equivalent of the agency.

  • Copy and paste the suggested language onto agency letterhead.
  • Check either temporary or standing designation.
  • Replace bracketed text with appropriate information.
  • Date, sign and submit to the TACAA Executive Director prior to the board meeting.

Suggested language for a letter declaring proxy designation to the TACAA Board of Directors:


[NAME], [TITLE] is authorized to serve as my proxy at the [DATE] TACAA Board of Directors’ meeting.

Please allow him/her all rights, privileges and responsibilities of my seat on the Board for this meeting.


[NAME], [TITLE] (primary) and/or [NAME], [TITLE] (secondary)
is/are authorized to serve in my stead as my proxy at any meeting of the TACAA Board of Directors convened during calendar year [YEAR] in which I am absent.

Please allow him/her/them all rights, privileges and responsibilities of my seat on the Board during these meetings.

Unless sooner terminated, this proxy shall expire automatically on December 31, [YEAR].