Message to Weatherization Providers

Dear ARRA Weatherization Assistance Program providers,

I wanted you to know that TDHCA is so proud of what you have accomplished through the ARRA Weatherization Assistance Program. To date, the network has weatherized more than 50,000 homes of low-income Texans. Incredible work! We also realize that even though it will mean some significant personal sacrifices over the holiday season, we hope you will maintain your incredibly focused efforts, doing everything within your power to achieve the full, timely, and proper use of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. What you accomplish over these last few months of ARRA will be a happy holiday reminder for years to come as low-income families enjoy the benefits of weatherized homes, reduced utility costs, and enhanced health and safety. Your efforts will be an enduring testimonial to the spirit of giving. Thank you very much.

On Behalf of TDHCA,

Tim Irvine, Executive Director