Workshop Descriptions


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Technically, the conference begins on Wednesday afternoon. However, many participants are already on site, so we have some optional events for other attendees while the TACAA board meeting takes place.

Achieving Results Case Manager Round Table
Are you achieving the results prescribed in the audit / work order? As opposed to the last couple of conferences with a bunch of individual table discussions, this year we will have a facilitated discussion with case workers about identified issues and sharing best practices.
Mini Split HVAC
Learn about mini split HVAC units and when and where they work best.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Direct & Supportive Services Energy & Housing Operational Management & Fiscal Affairs Open Track Head Start
Documenting Eligibility through SAVE Developing Energy Partnerships Cost Allocation Recruiting & Maintaining Effective Boards Writing or Rebidding Head Start Grants
New to nonprofits is the requirement to document legal status for energy assistance clients. Hear from public entities who have been using the SAVE system for years. TDHCA will participate to share expectations and answer questions. Find help in building relationships with energy providers to increase leveraging opportunities for weatherization and energy assistance. Cost allocation can be done in a variety of ways to properly allocate expenses for administrative and program staff. Learn best practices for recruiting and maintaining board members. Hear from professionals on strategies for submitting winning Head Start grant proposals.
Case Managing Elderly Clients Mobile Home Attic Insulation Communication between Fiscal & Nonfiscal Staff Trauma Informed Approaches Staff Mental & Physical Wellbeing
Elderly clients can be particularly vulnerable. Hear from professionals on special considerations for this population. Learn techniques for insulating mobile homes. Don’t let tasks get lost in translation. Fiscal and program staff need to be able to understand each other’s responsibilities. Clients who have experienced trauma – be it homelessness, violence, or other incidents – need particular care during interactions. Learn ways to encourage staff to address their mental and physical well-being to improve performance.
Family National Performance Indicators (NPIs) Manual J & S Calculations HR Hot Topics Best Practices for MIP Software Families, Get Up and Move!
Much has changed with recording NPIs. Receive guidance on where to record services vs. outcomes. Gain further instruction on Manual J and Manual S calculations. Every agency deals with HR issues. Hear an update on the most popular topics and trends in HR and how they might impact your agency. Are you using all of the features of MIP? Learn what more you could be doing. Learn why an active and healthy lifestyle is so important to children and their families.
Head Start and Direct & Supportive Services Energy & Housing Operational Management & Fiscal Affairs Open Track
Engaging Clients with Active Listening The Right Stuff: WAP Staffing, Training, & Equipment Difficult Conversations Procurement
This workshop shares the importance of active listening in building relationships. Much has changed for Weatherization in the past decade. Providers share and discuss finding and training staff, as well as equipment use and maintenance. Supervisors – stop avoiding discussions with staff and learn how to have difficult conversations. Learn best practices for procuring supplies, equipment, and services.